christiania -「佔領」而來的第40年|christiania: 40 years of occupation

製作:bus no.8|監製及導演:羅伯特·勞森、理查德·傑克曼|英語(中英文字幕)|2014|美國哥本哈根|76分鐘|彩色

producer and director: robert lawson & richard jackman | production: bus no.8 | english with chinese and english subtitles | 2014 / usa / 76 min / colour

節目 film

日期 date

時間 time

地點 venue

christiania: 40 years of occupation

12/10 (wed)

7:30 pm

香港中文大學 本部文化廣場
cultural square, main campus, the chinese university of hong kong

25/11 (fri)

7:30 pm

blue house




“They didn’t occupy like that."

In the turbulent late 1960s, severely affected by poverty and housing problems, hundreds of young people, who had experienced the large-scale social movement, occupied the abandoned army barracks in the center of copenhagen, Denmark. they then declared the establishment of the freetown and confronted the form of government with autonomy.

since 1971, the political climate has enabled this place to exist as " social experiment", however, christiania’s. “government-free", “drug freedom", " land co-ownership" have become the thorn in Danish government’s flesh. in the past forty years, the residents were endlessly tackling with the government’s “elimination plan”. as individuals of this alternative collective, how could they face the consensus building internally and those frequent battle externally? How could occupation and life be combined? how could this autonomy and equality community be built?

freedom everywhere. constructing the ideal autonomous community, will you insist on?



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